SRIRP™ - A "Socially Responsible Inventory Reduction Platform"

The economy is deteriorating at a pace that neither the banking industry, nor current government policies, can keep up with. Against this backdrop, the largest impediment to resolving the mortgage contagion going forward is the spiraling shadow inventory.

Credible sources peg the three-to-five year housing overhang to range between 4M to 7M single-family residential units nationwide. Natural market forces, and fundamental equilibrium, demand the clearing of inventory. But the looming spectre of massive shadow inventory is so pervasive… that distressed-asset Sellers are trapped by the conundrum of the costs of holding inventory, versus the more complex costs of:

  • dumping inventory and distorting/destabilizing their own marketplace
  • creating speculative competition against their performing assets
  • cannibalizing their own near-term retail lending operations

Utilizing Nascent Equity’s Socially Responsible Inventory Reduction Platform™ (SRIRP™), NENCO is promoting AFFORDABLE homeownership, and the benefits this objective brings to the broader community, by:

  • Judiciously deploying socially responsible oriented private equity capital through progressive institutional residential Nonperforming Loan and REO asset holders to obtain supply, in conjunction with
  • Coordinating local nonprofit agencies’ efforts to fill targeted demand objectives, for
  • converting distressed residential assets located in desirable neighborhoods into
  • viable Rent And Own AFFORDABLE housing opportunities for disenfranchised end-user/occupants drawn from the working middle-class to
  • avoiding the counterproductive challenges resulting from the predominant REO investment model by delivering a Five-Win™ Solution:

    • Sellers Win
    • Buyers Win
    • Investors Win
    • Communities Win
    • and the American Economy WINS!

Nascent Equity’s RAO Solution™ Suite of Distressed NPL/REO Disposition Strategies is the premier Solution for resolving the worsening residential asset management/ disposition dilemma.

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Saving Our Economy… One Property At A Time™


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